Pearl Abyss announces 2 new MMORPGs “Crimson Desert and DokeV” and an MMO shooter “PLAN 8”

The Koreans of Pearl abyssbest known for being the developers of Balck Desert Online, has announced 3 new games, 2 MMORPGs titled Crimson Desert and DokeV, in addition to an MMO shooter called PLAN 8. During the latest financial report from Pearl Abyss, we are here, but now we have the official names of each game.

PLAN 8, Crimson Desert and DokeV are the new bets on Pearl Abyss

At the moment there is not much information about these games except from their official website. The first trailer of each of them is scheduled for next November 14th.

Plan 8

PLAN 8 is an MMO shooter, and one it is led by Minh «Goosebumps » scythe as a technical advisor, also known as the co-creator of the Counter-Strike franchise and of what we talk about in this post about its incorporation into Pearl Abyss. The production of the game is directed by Seung-ki Lee, former environmental arts director for Black Desert Online and Black Desert Mobile.

Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert is a fantasy MMORPG. In a surveillance war, three tribes will break out to gain control of the continent of Pywell. Crimson Desert has been developed since 2018 by Jason Jung, former design director of RYL Online, a popular action MMORPG in Korea, of which Dae-il Kim, the founder of Pearl Abyss, is a part. Eter Lee, former chief designer of RYL Online and C9, is in charge of the title fight system.


DokeV is an MMORPG suitable for the general public (family friendly). The game is directed by Sang-young Kim, former animation director for Black Desert Online, and Suh Won Choi, former design director for Black Desert Online. During the financial report from the Korean developer in August, this title was dubbed as Project V, and as we now know it is not a shooter or an MMORPG.

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