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As players prepare for season 3 of Warzone Pacific, Raven Software launches an update to the ever-popular Battle Royale. With a week to start the new season, many are wondering who has reserved the developer update 1.56.

It is likely that the third content season after the launch of the Pacific era will see the arrival of Godzilla in addition to a number of new weapons and operators.

The apparent appearance of the 1.56 update came to the community with low guard, and many expected that the next update would mark the beginning of a new season. That being said, here’s all there is to know about the 1.56 update for Warzone.

Download Warzone 1.56 update

As long as a scheduled update is not mentioned, PlayStation users will be informed that they can start the update in advance. Twitter user ‘xFleXy_’ was one of the first to discover the launch of the update.

Players can still download the most important Warzone updates in anticipation, making the 1.56 update even more mysterious given the lack of official communications from Activision and Raven Software.

Warzone Update 1.56 Size

The PlayStation update is 3.7 GB in size, indicating that it contains minor changes. The exact details of the Xbox and PC platforms are currently unknown, but as soon as it is clear, we will make sure to update the article with the latest information.

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Warzones 1.56 update park notes

The park notes for update 1.56 will not be displayed until 17.00 BST when the changes start to take effect on all platforms. Many players believe the update involves the arrival of Snoop Dogg as the first playable Operator to appear in the Call of Duty universe.

Once the park notes are displayed for updating, we update the article with a complete list describing the most important additions and changes.

Be sure to follow up to get the latest Warzone news and information.

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