Paradox Interactive launches new study in Barcelona

Paradox Interactive has today announced the opening of Tinto Paradox, a new development study that will take place in Barcelona. This is the seventh study conducted by Paradox Interactive, which is now present in four countries.

Paradox expands to Spain with Paradox Tinto

Tinto Paradox will start operating in Barcelona in the near future under the direction of the Director of Investigation Johan Andersson, more than 25-year veteran of Paradox Development Studio and original creator of the Europa Universalis video game franchise. Andersson will assemble a small central team to first monitor developments during the iconic major strategy game Paradox, Europa Universalis IV, and later on new games in the major strategy genre.

Take a look at the job vacancies for Paradox Tinto on the official website.

What do the Paradox directives tell us?

“People love our games and we love the fact that we are growing to create more for them, we are especially excited to expand for the first time with a new study centered on the main genre of games for which we are famous: the amazing strategy, “said Charlotta Nilsson, Director of Operations at Paradox Interactive.” The success of our studies in recent years has allowed us to continually add more opportunities and new ideas with more active development games and more ambitious plans every day. “We currently has around 70 vacancies in our seven surveys, with plans to first recruit around 200 people by 2020 ″.

“I am excited and grateful for this opportunity to build a new studio in a new location where I can use the knowledge gathered over the long decades to build games and development studios,” said Johan Andersson, Geran Paradox Tersson. . “My goal is to bring together a team and create a fully functional studio to continue to develop the Europa Universalis brand and later design and develop new fantastic strategy games.”

The new studio is one of Paradox’s growing list, which also includes Paradox Development Studio in Stockholm; Paradox Arctic in Umeå, Sweden; The Paradox development team in Malmö, Sweden; Tectonic Paradox in Berkeley, California; Triumph Studios in Delft, The Netherlands; and Harebrained Schemes in Seattle.

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