Paradox Interactive and Romero Games are working on a new strategy game

Paradox Interactive y Romero game has today announced that they are working together on an upcoming strategy game based on one new IP. Brenda Romero and John Romero, known for their work on Doom, Quake, Jagged Alliance, Wizardry 8 and many other games, share their decades of experience developing this association for lovers of Paradox strategy.

We will see more details about the new Paradox and Romero Games at E3 2019

“We are fascinated by working with industry legends, Brenda and John Romero, who have grown up playing and admiring their games for a long time,” says Ebba Ljungerud, CEO of Paradox Interactive. “At Paradox Interactive, we’ve built a reputation for first-level strategy games, and we use that experience to help build something very special with the Romero Games team.”

“This has been a project that we’ve wanted to work on for a long time, so it’s especially exciting that we partnered with Paradox Interactive to make that dream come true,” said Brenda Romero, co-founder of Romero Games. “We can not expect to tell them more about all this, so let’s pay attention.”

Finally, John Romero announces that we will have more information at this year’s E3.

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