Oyster Cookie – Release Date, Rumors and more

The Council of Heroes expands and includes a new character: Galleta De Ostra. We’re excited to know more about them, but that’s what we know about Oyster Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Oyster Cookie was launched in the first update of the Cookie Run Council of Heroes and is a character that currently cannot be played, even though it is configured to change. He is a senior member of the Creme Republic Council and a senior member working with the newly launched Super Epic Clotted Cream Cookie. Oyster Cookie is the manager of his own Oyster House, which works in the commercial industry, centered on the maritime side. The character is a little greater than all the others, and with it will surely sell the wisdom of the Kingdom.

We have many more guides to other newer characters like Clotted Cream Cookie and Wildberry Cookie, and recently featured Crunchy Chip Cookie.

At the moment we do not have solid information about which ingredients you can or should use Oyster Cookie when you are invited to a playable character.

It is safe to assume that classic ingredients like Searing Raspberry for a higher attack statistic, Healthy Peanut for higher HP and Hard Walnut, which has an extra defensive body, would be a good option.

It’s likely that the Oyster Cookie will be announced and launched within a month, most likely as part of the latest update. Clotted Cream Cookie was launched a week after the announcement, so Oyster will probably follow the same pattern.

How to get oyster cake

Players will have access to Cookie Odyssey story mode to play the chapters of the Council of Heroes. To do this, you must pass level 12-30 in the main story mode.

If this mass of cookie data is not enough, you can see our Cookie Run Kingdom level list and also a code page for extra sweet rewards.

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