Overwatch Twitch’s audience fades with the launch of the Overwatch 2 beta

Expectations for the 2016 Overwatch sequel are at a record high, with the promise of access to the Overwatch 2 beta feeding the largest contemporary Twitch daily audience the series has experimented with to date.

Before the match’s previous mark of 1.46 million spectators, yesterday’s catfish is a major problem for the game, which has already emerged among the ten matches with the highest daily audience on the platform.

Not surprisingly, all the good news is for Blizzard, and that the beta platform seems to have left many players frustrated.

Overwatch has the largest daily audience on Twitch

Celebrating the disaster on Twitter, the official Overwatch account thanked viewers and stated, “Together, we have reached 1.5 million simultaneous views, the highest day for Overwatch on Twitch. Let’s go!”.

Twitter account for Overwatch League, the game’s competitive electronic sports platform, promoted in an exuberant way: “1500 beta keys launched IN HOUR”, adding that players who lose it will have another chance to gain access at the end of The first week of Overwatch. The league, which begins May 5th.

Not surprisingly, some of the spectators in the responses were less enthusiastic, and many ran into trouble getting into the match through the matches they had complained about.

Others in the resort’s gaming forum approved the use of a cinematic amount of gossip to increase Twitch’s audiences so much that players said they would be able to focus through a four-hour live broadcast, many of which were not too much. interested. opportunity to access.

“While I’m glad Overwatch is getting the adrenaline injection it needs, those numbers don’t mean much, as most viewers were probably there to access the beta,” user Niosai said.

User Dest was less indulgent and said: “People are required to watch transmissions to get beta access. This literally means nothing”.

Other users were allowed to keep the transmission open and quiet at a party while other things were being done.

But as user Zebesian-X commented, this phenomenon is not exclusive to Overwatch: “I think Valorants peak was also improved with gotas, I would not be surprised if it happened with some of the other games. It certainly works , so people can tune in ”.

Despite Overwatch’s extraordinary numbers, Twitch’s best diary audience still has League of Legends, followed by Fortnite and Minecraft.

Be sure to follow up to get the most Overwatch 2 updates during the launch period.

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