“Overwatch” to end service on October 3rd! Basic free “Overwatch 2” starts on October 5th! A new Japanese hero, Kiriko, and Japanese support for the Xbox version have also been announced!

“Overwatch” will end service on October 2nd local time (October 3rd Japan time). * To migrate the service after the release of “Overwatch 2”, which is free to play.

In “Overwatch 2”, it is possible to take over the account and data of 1 and play

A new Japanese hero “Kiriko” has been announced since “Genji” and “Hanzo” that have existed since the release of 1.

In addition, Season 1, which will start at the same time as the release of Season 2, and a limited-time event starting on October 26, have also been announced.

In addition, Japanese support for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions has also been decided

ahhh looking forward to it

damn! Coming soon!

fox is cute

Let’s all play Overwatch! It’s free!

I’m sad that PS5 won’t make it in time

I wanted to make it to PS5 by 2

Everyone, don’t do apex, let’s do Overwatch

I took two paid days

too much fun

I’m getting excited somehow~

As expected, I will do the season pass firmly
because i love overwatch
I can’t resist this feeling anymore

Supra is fun and I can’t wait for Gan Evo, but it’s OW. Hurry up and be October~

It’s going to be a character buying system like Epee from Overwatch 2.
I’m happy that people who have 1 can get kiriko for free.

Use Kiriko! !

don’t run away from overwatch

OW1 is finally over and it will be OW2 that anyone can play for free!
And there is a super cute Japanese character called Kiriko!
The world needs heroes! !
Yaruo machine gun shooting dodo dodo dodo

It looks like everyone will be scrambling to pick Kiriko immediately
Husband who doesn't do Guess face Counter

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