“Overwatch 2”, Japanese rap that plays on the menu screen jumps to No. 1 in the world on Spotify’s viral chart!Uncool (?) songs from 2 years ago become popular overseas for Japanese people

Overwatch 2’s “If You Lick It, You Lick It” Is Hot Around The World – #1 On Spotify’s Viral Chart – GameSpark

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MFS’s “BOW”, a Japanese rap that accompanies “Kiriko” on the menu screen of “Overwatch 2”, topped the global viral chart of the music streaming service “Spotify”, and also ranked first in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. ranked in.

MFS is a rapper based in Osaka.

Spotify’s viral chart is a ranking based on topicality on SNS. Although it is not calculated simply by the number of plays, it still shows the high influence of “Overwatch”.

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everything is an illusion

I don’t know what’s popular

I thought it was a licking mushroom

The video itself was posted two years ago, and most of the public didn’t pay attention at the time, but if it was used in a super famous game, it would be #1 on the charts, after all, the music would be exposed (that is, the general public) As a method, it depends on advertising).
This song just happened to be adopted by a world-famous super popular game production company, so it reached a lot of people at once without advertising expenses, but this is a super rare case.

I thought you were quite fluent in Japanese for an OW original song, so I agree.

The PV is cool, but it’s funny because it’s too Osaka

Is this the type of song non-Japanese can enjoy?

The only reason Japanese hip-hop was lame was because anime songs and idols from about 10 years ago were lame.
Recently, the impression is that the overall level has risen not only at the top

Nametake Nametake

Do you have any friends who thought you could lick the licking mushrooms?

I know it’s uselessly addictive, but this is too funny

A song that you can enjoy even if you don’t know Japanese

Kiriko’s theme song that plays on the menu screen, is it so popular just because it was used in OW2 www
The video of this song is played over and over on Youtube, and OW’s influence is amazing www
Lick it and lick it www
yaruo pc joy laughter

Well, maybe it’s the same as how Japanese people find songs with English lyrics cool even though they don’t understand the meaning.
Husband who does not think

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