Overwatch 2 Beta is starting to implement

Following its appearance on the Xbox and Bethesda game shows and the unveiling of its original route board, another beta version of Overwatch 2 has just been launched before the game’s launch later this year.

This means that players, provided they can access, have the opportunity to dive into some of the features discussed during a recent unveiling event posted on YouTube where members of the development team talked about what players could expect . by Overwatch 2.

So if you want to play some games like Junker Queen or take a look at the new map of Paradise, now’s your chance.

If you’re one of the few survivors, Overwatch 2 may be available for you

In addition to these features, the beta version will also allow you to try out the game’s new PvP 5v5 experience, which is part of some changes designed to offer “a reinvented competition experience” to gamers, according to a Blizzard blog post.

This beta version is part of a series of courses designed to help comment on the game before it goes public on October 4 this year.

According to a previous Blizzard blog post, the first beta version of the game in May gave the team a lot of valuable data about the new heroes included in the game, such as Sojourn, which experienced a higher level of use than expected among players. .

A lot of changes have also been made to help balance the heroes in the game a little better, so I hope this is something you should see if you give them a try in this beta version.

Don’t worry if you lose the boat for access now that the final product will be free when it hits stores at the end of this year, something the developers have described as “a natural step forward for our game and our players “.

This time you will start your last service period in the original Overwatch, which will be overwritten with the new game when it launches, giving you only a few months to appreciate and have fun with nostalgia before the game starts. the future . virtual solar port.

Regardless of what you plan to do, be sure to follow up to get more coverage of Overwatch 2 as you approach the launch of the game.

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