Overseas media “PS5 controller has no consideration for people with disabilities! Xbox has a controller for people with disabilities!”

PS5 controller is not disabled friendly

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・ PS5 controller “Dual Sense” has no consideration for people with disabilities

Players relying on non-standard controls will be disappointed with PS5 controllerI am forced to Xbox has a successful “Xbox Adaptive Controller” for people with physical disabilities, but it has become clear that Sony does not have it

“Dual Sense” is more difficult to handle than its predecessor, “Dual Shock”.The controller itself is much heavier and spreads the input buttons over a wider surface.“Dual Sense is simply too big,” says Thomas Russell, a gamer with Spinal Muscular Atrophy II

Many disabled people have pointed out the problem of “dual sense”, and Krissie A. also revealed that his hands were in severe pain after about 20 minutes of playing

The improved DualSense Edge may be a small step towards improved accessibility, but “for gamers like me who can’t use DualSense, Edge is unfortunately useless,” said expert Vivek Gohil. Says

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Sony and Nintendo don’t care about handicapped people.

Sony titles seem to be starting to care about accessibility these days, but the hardware still has a long way to go

I wish I could use a PS4 controller

^ That’s the quickest solution.

Dualsense is heavy, bulky, and unwieldy even for healthy people

Eh, it’s very easy for me to use

The PS4 can’t be used on the PS5 because it’s about making money, so it’s bad that Sony is greedy

Well, it’s true that they don’t think about people with handicapped hands at all…
Yaruo Reflection Seiza

Unlike Sony, we will not abandon disabled gamers! So buy an Xbox SX now! !

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