OUTRIDES: how to solve a bad day accident

Guide to Correcting a Bad Day Accident

To correct the Bad Day blocking bug, put your entire Hell’s Rangers team and any legendary on your side until you receive the mission’s rewards. After completing the mission and earning all your prizes, you can safely put all the items you have stored in your inventory in a safe way. This is an official solution recommended by Square Enix until the developers are able to resolve the technical issue.

The flaw itself and its cause are well known to the creators, so don’t worry, it’s appropriate. As the developers said, “We are aware of an error that could cause a block to receive the reward of the secondary mission ‘A Bad Day’. This block only appears to happen if you have the Hell’s Rangers team in your inventory. ”So, Bad Day Crash Bug Fix is” put Hell’s Rangers items (and any legendary ones) in your yard until you’ve received the reward from secondary missions. “

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