OUTRIDERS – Problems when creating objects

Simple elaboration error to ensure that the desired role is achieved.

Elaboration error


When you find a team, you will receive 3 state bonuses. The green ones will have no mods, the blue ones will have one and the dark ones will have two.

Similarly, blue will have a lvl 1 mod, and purple will have a lvl 1 and lvl 2 mod.

The legends obviously have a lvl 2 and lvl 3 mod, so that’s the only way to get 2 level 3 mods in an article.

So your elaboration goal is of course to have a solid weapon with correct passive statistical increases and 1 advantage that you want to maintain and will transfer the other advantage to your desired level 3 advantage (assuming you do not want a t2 instead?) .

So by all means even the flesh of the need for elaboration. It’s really simple. Find the item you want the advantage t2 you want, make sure it is green or blue. Then simply flow at the purification level. When this happens, you will get a selection of 3 mods to create the article. If your desired mode is available, simply select and ready. What not? Salt of the game. Get back together and come back to try it. It will randomly generate 3 more benefits to choose from. Yes, it is tedious and time consuming, but it is much better than the cost and difficulty of simply fishing without this method.

I also heard that it will disable directx11 or something will make the block smaller ahhh wrong.

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