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This is a quick guide to the easiest way to grow rare weapons / equipment.

Easy farming

Death is not so bad!

This is a quick guide to the easiest way to grow rare weapons / equipment. Keep in mind that at death, when an article is collected, it will still retain the collected articles, and the trick is just that.

Trench Town: for this farm it will be necessary to go at least to Trench Town, once there, talk to Corrigan (picture continued) so he will give you the path to the Wreckage Zone to go looking for Seth, on the road (while still in the city), you will see 2 new icons on the map (1 and 2 and onwards).

You can interact with both for a scene if you want. Then go to Wreckage Zone, on the way you will again see the mission on the battlefield because of its pata icon, you will encounter the body of a dead animal, interact to begin the mission.

The trick

Once there, you will fight a horde of monsters before the jefa (pictured below) shows up.

Once the boss shows up, he may not intend to kill his followers or kill, but leave at least two alive.

Now you need to concentrate all of your weapon’s fire on the boss.

If you succeed in killing it, then take everything that comes your way, after doing so, with the intent to kill you.

To revive, you will be arrested at the last checkpoint before your battle, check your equipment and keep the rarities you have collected, now that you are a little stronger, fight it again, collect everything and die in its tracks again.

She always gives you one or two darker teams, making you stronger every time you can play with her as many times as you want, always and when you are already living some of her tracks.


She already pours dark (rare) tools like the one below.

Increase your level before the match to produce a better team.

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