OUTRIDERS – Endgame Pyromancer Acari Champion Build

Anomaly from the end of the Pyromancer Build game


Pure Anomaly / Status power Heatwave / PHASES / Overheat / build centered on the Acari set with 3 parts, Ashen Champion Mod and Master Consumer.

This can be a starting point when reaching CT10. Until then, just play what you tell me. Strictly speaking, I used the Anomaly compilation to complete the end of the game because it was fun.

I would recommend starting to equip and look for good stats in the elements when it comes to CT10.


Casco de los Acari

  • Fire Tsunami: basic part of your final equipment. Add your heatwave to turn off everything and give you 50% unique power with the established bonus.
  • Ashen Champion: Lava Lich helmet separate mod: very critical mod also to combine cuffs and censors to configure super quality.


Armadura de los Acari

  • Detonator: reduces recycling time by descaling by 50%. Basically, the recycling time is reduced so that it coincides with the heatwave recycling time and the FASER hazard.
  • Damage absorber: is unpredictable. Increase your armor by about 50k and resistance by 10%. The armor takes advantage of this modification scale with the level of the object. It is very good.


Faja de los Acari

  • Eco anomalous: 100% activity time and all your abilities last less than 10 seconds.
  • PHASES frequent: it is inconceivable. Reduce the brightness of its radiation so that it coincides with the heat wave and the liming.


The gloves from the lord of the chamán war

  • Pure Power: increases the damage of your beam even more
  • Emergency position: unexpected. You have 4 seconds to recover your health-absorbing thirst / skills.


The gloves from the lord of the chamán war

  • Maremoto: Give it another charge of heat to find even more targets
  • Main consumer: another critical change. Increases the risk of upscaling to 150% by consuming censors and others.


Critical armor statistics

  • State power: increases the damage of the FASER beam, increases the damage due to drought and increases the duration of censorship.
  • Power of anomaly: increases the overall damage to your abilities.
  • Training reduction: critical for skill rotation and activity time for skills.
  • Skill Life Leech: your definitive statistic for survival.

Opportunities and rotation

  1. Hi heat
  2. Sobrecalentar

Rotation of skills

The set bonus, as mentioned earlier, increases your anomaly power by 50% for each enemy you target with the ability.

  • Ashen Champion: instead of stopping everything, censuses will be applied to all targets.
  • Main Consumer: Consume as much fire as censors to inflict 150% damage.

Taking into account the foregoing, the rotation is as follows:

Generally for elites and mobs

  • Heat Wave -> PHASES -> Over-scaling -> Heat Wave -> PHASES -> Over-scaling

For Mob clear (now that prices remain):

  • PHASES -> Wave of heat -> Over-scaling-> Wave of heat.

So the tactic here is to quit, then censor and then overcalibrate to consume both state effects and start the rotation again. Follow and repeat

Wood of skills

This is my current configuration. That may change in the future: its priority is the blood of abilities, health, and the power of anomalies.

Fire Power / AP / Health / Armor

How to survive?

Quema, Quema and more Quema.

You must have at least one shot target. The blood of skill will always help you rejuvenate when emergency position is active on 30% of health.


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