“Oshi no Ko” is on fireplace, and Hana Kimura’s mom says, “Don’t treat Hana’s death like a free material.” of”

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[Worst situation]Fans of “Oshi no Ko” began a considerable amount of slander towards Hana Kimura’s mom, what is that this?
[Pushing child flames]Hana Kimura’s mom “The details we talked about in the interview etc. are used as they are, it’s not a matter of before and after or story.”

“Exclusive Confession” Hana Kimura’s mom protests anger at anime[Oshi no Ko]”Don’t treat your daughter’s death like a free material” – GIGAZINE

Oshi no Ko Flaming Hana Kimura Terrace House Ego Search Kyoko Kimura Defamation Suicide Image related to episode 6-02

Episode 6 “Ego Search”, which is considered an issue within the TV anime “[Oshi no Ko]”, the character

There was a scene during which he appeared on a romance actuality present, was slandered, and tried suicide.

Hana Kimura believes that that is modeled after the incident during which Hana Kimura of “Terrace House” died.

His mom, Kyoko Kimura, protested. However, what Kyoko Kimura sees as an issue just isn’t the story.

“The words showered on the characters,Just just like the phrases showered with flowersWhat is it?

This is the half that we’ve got talked about and made public by way of interviews.Using actual phrases as they’re

what do you suppose?It can’t be neglected that the dying of flowers is handled like a free materials

Kyoko posted her opinion on Twitter.However, this time from a fan of the endorser

“What if the author becomes depressed and commits suicide?”

“What would you do if anime stopped because of you?”I used to be slandered and slandered.

Fans inform me that it is an excellent anime that raises points.

Why are followers of such an exquisite anime slandering me?

Kyoko just isn’t asking for the serialization or broadcast to be stopped.

“I’m not going to blame the author or any individual.At the stage when this work goes out to the world

I ponder if there was nobody to maintain me. It makes me unhappy.

Since you’re elevating a problem,I wish to assist such works if potential.however truly

It would not must be a technique that makes people who find themselves victimized on SNS painful to seeI feel

In Weekly Women’s PRIMEI requested the manufacturing aspect for an evidence, however I couldn’t get a solution as a result of the particular person in cost was absent..

Read full textual content under

I’ve been firming down
It can be actually unhealthy to criticize with out seeing

There isn’t any copyright within the precise case, so this declare is unreasonable

Aniota’s persecution delusion was too intense

I really feel sorry for the deceased, however was there something peculiar in regards to the incident?I feel it is a basic instance of what is taking place in actuality reveals everywhere in the world.

why you slander me
since you slandered

Great reply by fully ignoring

Did you watch anime proper now?I did not watch the anime at first, so I used to be criticized
Anime followers can be pissed.If you need to criticize, not less than see the work first

Aniota is just too aggressive…
Stop slandering Kimura-san’s mom Aniota

Well, from the sufferer’s perspective, it is simply uncomfortable…
I actually need to know why they did this within the anime
It wasn’t that well-liked when it was serialized, so I do know.

Is the unique written after the incident?
So I suppose that is the topic

If your mom is true about this and the manufacturing aspect can also be an expert, then create one thing that does not remind you of an actual incident.
It’s actually lame to make a subject in flames

↑ Well, it is going to be inconceivable to make a piece with the theme of the earthquake catastrophe lol

↑ Is it Mr. Kimura who’s inflicting the flames?

I do not know what the phrase is
It’s a phrase that anybody can consider anyway
If it is a phrase that will not come out except you imitate it
The copyright belongs to the netizens who threw these phrases out.

If it is not free materials, do you personal any rights?

Especially when coping with suicide on TV, try to be cautious with fiction.
It appears that the press is doing fairly a bit

I perceive your mom’s emotions, however I feel that slanderous phrases are comparable in all ages and international locations…

Claiming that solely the mom owns the copyright of her daughter’s dying?

I despise the manufacturing workforce, did not you suppose you’d get right into a struggle with that fan?
I do not suppose the content material of the feedback on the article is slander.
I ponder in the event you noticed the sensation of this text, I really feel a bit of toned down, however mother

↑I did not need to criticize the writer or the work, so I toned it down fairly a bit from the preliminary contempt, so possibly I’ve grasped the content material to some extent.
At first it is most likely used as a humorous joke!you have to have thought

It’s going to be troublesome

I feel it is fantastic for folks to specific their emotions, however I’m petrified of the justice males who make a fuss round me.

Don’t arbitrarily determine that your daughter is the unique story

It’s not a minor manga serialized quietly,
Manga and anime are doing a number of publicity.
Even in the event you do not prefer it, it is noticeable

Manga discontinued
Should anime be banned?
It cannot be helped
The manufacturing aspect with out a sense of disaster is unhealthy

Aniota instantly says he is emo or cried, however that is as a result of it is another person’s drawback.
It should be troublesome for these concerned

Honor victims who’re made into perpetrators simply by touching them

Don’t make jokes about what truly occurred
It’s like proving that the unique writer would not have the flexibility.

> “Fans tell me that it’s a wonderful anime that raises issues, but why are fans of such a wonderful anime slandering me?” (Kyoko)
actually this
It’s the identical as SNS individuals being denied by Borokas within the work

The unique writer additionally wrote on Twitter that it was a coincidence
Looks like I informed the animation director to look at a actuality present in January, lengthy earlier than the accident occurred.

It’s a pity that it is likened to a free materials

It’s not a coincidence, is it?
I’m simply drawing issues which are indignant in actual time as they’re.
The deadline for Yangjan is normally one month earlier than
At that tempo, you’ll be able to write a narrative after watching TV fully

Every work tends to have one thing
What about copyright

I grew to become unhappy. I really feel nauseous. Don’t use Hana Kimura as materials for “problem raising”!I do not see my favourite youngster

What is the intention of arbitrarily connecting it with manga and burning it?

As far as speaking in interviews
It’s most likely a phrase that is been thrown at me by lots of people on the web.
Even the writer can provide you with that
why do you suppose i used to be manipulated

Even although my daughter was cornered by saying merciless issues on the web
It’s a pity that this mom ended up on the aspect of claiming unhealthy issues on the web.

I simply know that everybody concerned within the manga has no creativeness or creativity

Hana is the one particular person in Japan who dedicated suicide attributable to slander on a actuality present.
It’s too unreasonable advocacy that the kid of the favourite is irrelevant

Are social occasions copyrightable?

Mom ought to relax

It looks as if the mom is a bit toned down on this interview, however…
In the tip, I’m nonetheless indignant… I really feel like I’m like this due to the slanderous slander of otaku.

Is the particular person answerable for the animation quiet in regards to the interview?
How are you going to take care of this…

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