Ori and the Blind Forest – Consejos y trucos para empezar

Antes de jugar el juego Ori and the blind forest, definitely querrá conocer estos consejos y trucos simples pero utiles. If you need it, there are no friends who are with others!

Cosas que debe saber antes de jugar

  • You can play the Definitive Edition instead of the original. It includes quick trips, two new abilities, two new sections of the map that add a backstory to a character, and eliminate any concerns about lost points (areas of one time, points of no return) that the original had.
  • Puedes usar energía para crear tu propio pointo de guardado practically en cualquier lugar que non sea un encuentro de sala de periligo. A common mistake early on is forgetting the fact that you can do this.
  • Once you get the Bash, the enemies and projectiles are less “things you have to kill” and more “things you can use to bounce back while being adorable in the background and sometimes landing on some spikes”.
  • If you insist that spamming Stomp is easy, it’s easy and effective in most circumstances, including flipping the red ability tree.
  • The blue skill tree updates are good for general mobility, platforming, survivability and sustainability.
  • The purple skill tree updates are great for finding hidden items.
  • Las actualizações rojas del árbol de habilidades son buenas para asesinar vagabundos. Menos útil en la practica de lo que podria pensar (ver arriba), aunque uno o dos puntos initiales no duelen.

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