One year in prison for the author of DDoS attacks on World of Warcraft servers

The author of the attacks was also fined $ 29,987

Calin Mateiasa 32-year-old Romanian citizen has been convicted by a US court a one year in prison to orchestrate a series of distributed service denial (DDoS) attacks on European servers for World of Warcraft’s online massive multiplayer role-playing game between February and September 2010.

Mateias, who has been in custody since November 20 after being deported from Romania, also received a fine of $ 29,987 in return to Blizzard Entertainment, the owner and operator of World of Warcraft based in Irvine, to compensate for the labor costs associated with the fight against the hacked server.

According to the sentence report, the reasons Matthews carried out the attacks must be seen in conflict with other players for a variety of reasons, including the division of the loot and the possession of raid equipment.

After being indicted in this case in 2011 and deported from Romania last year, Mateias pleaded guilty in February to a charge of intentional damage to a protected server.

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