OlliOlli World Review – Recommended for beginners, unexpected for experts

In music, there are fewer more obscure and imprecise notions than that of “authenticity”. The existence of a radio formula, large groups and companies are investing in its new product; and dominant artistic tendencies, the word is often associated with anything that escapes the norm, or with the first works that shape the prototypical image and for many the “accuracy” of an artist. Arctic Monkeys are now a band with a much more mature sound, but there’s someone who misses the rebellious, catchy chispa of their “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not”. The Ramones are the prototypical representation of punk, a philosophy supposedly marked by austerity and simplicity, but “End of the Century” hit with Phil Spector’s production and the sound of many artists of the day, balladers included. And what about those Metallica highs, a band that immediately claimed that the leap to a distinctive strong thrash metal sound of their originals was immediately commercially tainted and condemned to ostracism from their early fans… a times that turned into the most successful band the generation would ever have.

Something seems to be happening with OlliOlli World. The first two titles, also developed by this rebellious English study and fashion boyfriend called Roll7, had an almost spartan ethos in their approach to the ever exciting world of patinetas. Are you looking for at least Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? Yes, you have here a game based on the revocation of unartificial punctuation, soundtracks filled with immortal themes or extreme fantasies like crashing a helicopter in the middle of a warehouse. A fantastic formula, you will tell me, but which risked seducing a very specific part of the public and leaving the basket to another very large sector, unable to follow the undeniable rhythm of their combos on the raid.

OlliOlli World comes to balance this imbalance between the technical and the accessible, and for that to reconquer a variety of simple tools, which denote a know-how to make objectively admirable. The first of these is to introduce a kind of story, not too important, not too developed, which serves as a driver for the many levels that we find in the five worlds at our disposal. It’s the hardest part of the whole thing, but it’s well thought out: the visuals and outlandish phrases in true Adventure Hours style help make the game less demanding and harder than it is in fact, and following the maximum of and benevolent and kindly, we are convinced that it is a title intended for the whole world.

The same thing happens with all the personalization techniques of our person, or with the music: added apparently superficially, but in great quantity, which helps the person to feel like us and to connect us with the rest of our friends from a very different and similar way as seeing only the noun on the punctuation charts. Starting each level and seeing the character of one of our colleagues on the loading screen is such a simple and rewarding thing that you have to believe that there are no more employees in games of this style; and the electronic, almost funky melodies of his sound band remind us of an indisputable truth of skateboarding since we saw someone do a kickflip for the first time: the patinar mola.

But, the initial peaje of having to talk about the loaded news to make the game more accessible and digestible for the general public is over, then put the sandals on the vulcanized surface and enter the other concept that lives inside of this game, printed and available to jump on us at any time. A concept that remains of cucumbers, beads and colored pants, blue phrases with which animarnos take a determined turn; and throw ourselves on the asphalt with the maximum to learn to chain the towers or get our hands on the brothel.

There are two ways to handle this. The first, because we had to retire if we were first in the current trilogy, is to crash the levels like an endless runner, paying attention to the specific objectives that certain characters give us and only keeping an eye out for the end of the level, so you can open the following screens or some of the multiple additional screens available in the game. If this is your case, the content in you will fail: Roll7 is responsible for adding a lot of collectibles, from secret personalities and networks specific to those who have dedicated nearly a decade to it, varying depending on your experience on set. In addition, to help you increase your ability to land without getting beaten, there are tutorials with new tricks all over the world to visit, allowing you to advance at your own pace and return to previous ones to leave your patent thank you all.

If, on the other hand, you come here with scrolls of past experience, you come with the knowledge that everything follows exactly the same. OlliOlli World maintains the importance of combos above all else and demands that we be able to place as many moves as possible in the least amount of time, whether on asphalt, in the air or in the air; to be able to exceed the objectives set both for the game and for our friends and acquaintances. A net that gives us a lot of recycled and new techniques, such as different types of grind, air intakes or manuals; all of them, led to the fact that the numbers were broken and they were able to pass the others through the dead.

This is the real face of the game: to be a brilliant arcade title in terms of control and planting, in which competition is the order of the day and the most satisfying feeling is not stopping with the perfect timing. the trick to winning more, if you don’t complete the level, you haven’t quit or played the multiplier once. Because, although the levels serve us to hone our skills and enjoy the distinctive environments and stories about the gods of skating, the real shisha is in the Gnarvana League: a game mode that will take this legendary Daily Grind and, offering an equal scenario for all players and players every time X, makes us compete for the first place to be able to climb in the world ranking of players. An idea that allows us to enjoy the game every day to do our best intentions, and that is unmistakably obvious as to what should have been obvious: when it comes to fun and entertainment, these people know how to create some of the games the most addictive. industry.

With all the artifact with what matters around it will certainly reproduce to the fullest that has become so popular with the explosion of indie rock within two miles of “the first record carries more”, and for some reason they l ‘did. In OlliOlli 2, to choose one, there was an admirable conceptual purity and simplicity, similar to titles like Tony Hawk or Skate with an idea reduced to minimal expression. OlliOlli World is something else: a game with more medium, more technique, more complete and with a lot more things to do. But, if you leave out all the decoration, it’s easy to prove that the core is exactly the same, and the good ideas eventually float to the surface. We all love listening to Ride the Lightning over and over, but sometimes you have to grow up and accept that your favorite band can be enjoyed by the whole world and that the Black Album, in fact, was nothing wrong.

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