[Oh…]”Love Live! Super star! ! ]The official re-posted an apology and a request to refrain from workplace disturbances

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“lovelive!Superstar”, using a lodge that rejected the offer because he didn’t like the pilgrimage to sacred places, almost completely ripped it off → Later became known as an otaku

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Image related to Love Live Northern Star Lodge Seiji nuisance-02

A breed called a true Lover is shit

Is someone still teasing you?

Is Chi cow doing something again?

As such, bad for you damn nuisance piggy geeks

Eh, don’t go, don’t go!

Management says don’t go, so don’t go
It doesn’t matter if you are similar or not, if you are a model or not

the lovers learned nothing

So come on… indulge me
I mean, the creator side better work on a “fictitious town” next time, right?

Would you like to be alerted again? Love Live Bar seems to really like pilgrimages.

Management and fans don’t really grow

At least observe good manners
photo iron level

Why do you say the love live official is bad even though you said you won’t go?

I was told that every time a new series starts

There are some mentally ill people who say, “Lookalike surgery is bad.” I can’t help it.

Otaku, come on…

I’m careful not to go to that lodge again… I wonder if some lover ignored the warning
Similar management is bad! Do those who say that if management is bad think it’s okay to bother people who have nothing to do with it…?
Yaruo laughing crying sorry

Regardless of the circumstances, an otaku who doesn’t follow manners is nothing but harm.
Why are you doing the act of pulling your favorite content from yourself?
Husband who won't do it, denial, no

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