Officially announces support for users who use “Pokemon” with illegal remodeling data! Don’t use strange Pokemon! ! !

Response to users who use illegally modified data


According to the article

Thank you for always enjoying the “Pokemon” series.

For some users,It is confirmed that the “Pocket Monsters” series and “Pokémon HOME” are being played using illegally modified data.Doing.

Illegally modified data causes problems in the operation of software apps.
We will take the following measures in order for users who cause trouble to other users, such as trading Pokemon, or users who are deemed inappropriate in terms of operation.

■ Supported contents

・Restrictions on internet play in the Pokémon series
・ Restrictions on the use of exchange functions in “Pokémon HOME” (smartphone version)
・ Suspension of use of “Pokémon HOME” (smartphone version / Nintendo Switch version)
・ Restrictions on the use of “removal” from “Pokémon Bank” to “Pokémon HOME”
* At our discretion, it will be implemented with a time limit or indefinitely.

*We will not refund the usage fee due to this correspondence.
*We will not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding the content of the fraudulent activity and the details of this response.
* Internet restrictions will not be enforced for Nintendo Switch software other than the “Pocket Monsters” series and “Pokémon HOME”.

We will continue to take similar measures on a regular basis, and may implement further restrictions without prior notice.

In addition, after confirming the details, this response is only implemented for users who have been found to have committed inappropriate acts.
There are no restrictions on users who unintentionally possess modified data, such as “I accidentally received it in exchange”, “I didn’t realize it myself, but the exchanged data was modified”. notPlease rest assured.

In order to ensure that all users can enjoy the game with peace of mind, we will monitor the game on a regular basis and will continue to work on dealing with fraudulent and nuisance activities.

We look forward to your continued support of the Pokemon series.

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