Official “It was a lie that the Pokemon deposited after the expiration date of the “ Pokemon Bank ” ticket will disappear after a sure time frame.

About Pokemon that had been deposited in “Pokemon Bank” up to now – Pokémon Support Top


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Customers who haven’t used “Pokémon Bank” for a very long time, resembling buying a use ticket up to now and depositing a Pokémon in “Pokémon Bank”, however the expiration date of the bought use ticket has expired. We have obtained a query, “What happens to Pokemon that have been deposited in the past if the expiration date of the purchased ticket has passed?”

As of March 28, 2023, all Pokémon deposited in “Pokemon Bank” haven’t disappeared, no matter once they had been deposited or the state of the ticket.

* In the previous, the official web site of “Pokémon Bank” suggested that “If the expiration date of the “Pokémon Bank” ticket expires, the Pokémon you deposited will disappear after a certain period of time.” We don’t take measures to make Pokemon really disappear.

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