Of the 3,600 million Sony has spent on Bungie, 1,200 will go to retaining employees

Sony explained to its investors that a third of the money spent on buying Bungie will go towards retaining the company’s current employees.

Approximately $1,200 million (out of a total of $3,600 million) will be used to pay employees who own stock in the company, as well as other incentives and investments to ensure they stay with the company. North American company once the purchase and this step to become part of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

According to the Japanese company, this investment will not be immediate and will be spread over several years.

Sony announced on January 31 the acquisition of Bungie, the company responsible for Destiny. Jim Ryan, the president of SIE, explained that the acquisition “is an important step in our strategy to extend the reach of PlayStation to a much wider audience”, and in recent days it has also been explained that this decision was part of a strategy to extend the know how and positioning within the games-as-a-service business, a segment in which it claims to release ten new titles in the next four years.

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