Oculus Quest store tops racked up thousands in revenue

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, told its investors its latest financial results, revealing that the Oculus Quest content store has already exceeded thousands of dollars in sales.

This, according to the North American company, confirms the increase in store costs, which have risen over the past year from twelve million per month to something more than fifty-one.

Oculus’ strong results contrast with a surge in Facebook, Meta’s star product, which suffered a reduction in its number of daily users while facing growth from competitors like TikTok.

After the earnings release, Meta shares rose more than twenty percent after the New York pocket closed amid concern over the social network’s declining popularity.

Facebook bought Oculus in 2014 and made the virtual reality company one of its most important businesses to drive strategy toward the meta-back, a move that also prompted Facebook’s Meta matrix to be renamed in October. from last year.

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