NZ-41 receives Major Nerf in Warzone Update July 7th

In the run-up to Warzone Season 4, Vanguard’s NZ-41 season 4 goal dominated thanks to its incredibly low recovery levels and its impressive long-range damage production.

The rifle remains the most popular weapon to use in Caldera, Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island, and in an attempt to restore balance in Battle Royale, Raven Software has intervened.

To avoid dominating for extended periods of time, the developer used a significant nerve as part of Warzone’s July 7 update, which also included a series of bug fixes.

NZ-41 recibe Nerf much needed

These nerves in particular introduce significant increases in NZ-41 retrieval, making it much more difficult to control in long-distance encounters.

Despite the change, some players are still not convinced. Modern war zone says that the NZ-41 continues to be the clear favorite after the third nerf from the NZ-41 from the Pacific era.

While some players still use the NZ-41 with great efficiency, others are already looking for the second-best Warzone assault rifle to use for the rest of season 4.

Some take advantage of STG 44, while others say the KG M40 is now the target, while season 4 prepares to enter its second half.

With the update of the season on the horizon, it is quite likely that possible replacements of the NZ-41 will hold first place for a long time if Raven Software plans another dose of improvements and nerves to bring life to the goal again.

The best alternative to Warzone NZ-41

So far, the best replacements for the NZ-41 are the STG 44 and the KG M40. Without a doubt, Season 4 Reloaded could see new weapons enter the meta depending on the nature of the benefits and nerves that Raven Software decides to implement.

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