NVIDIA’s new confidentiality agreement is correct, according to a lawyer

2 days ago, let’s go NVIDIA a new confidentiality agreement has been launched, where many parties believe that everything is obligatory confidential information should be used solely for the benefit of the company. The German media Heisen Online was the one who decided to filter the document and publicly express his dissatisfaction.

Now we come from Gamersnexus, who has spoken to a lawyer who tells us that this NDA is good and does not oblige journalists to write positive things in favor of NVIDIA.

As the lawyer argued, the confidentiality agreement has the function of ensuring that the confidential information provided by NVIDIA is not discussed or mastered as rumors (nor is it used to discredit them). “This NDA is valid and unlimited, websites may publish stories based on information collected from sources other than NVIDIA, and is free to criticize«.

Well, it seems that there are different opinions on this topic and only time will give rise to one of these views. Sincerely, NVIDIA has taken some controversial addresses, all about GeForce partner that he finally retired, but it is also true that the media from today to day is not worth publishing authentic waste and whatever comes into their hands is trying to turn into “news”. In these times when information is more available than ever, we know what we have before the era of disinformationel Clickbait, and where all valeto be able to stand out in the jungle of the internet.

We will continue to look into the matter to see what is left.

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