NVIDIA is obligated under its confidentiality agreement to speak well of its products

After all, the revolution arose with GeForce partnerwhile it virtually commits you to be a slave to the company and unable to partner with other brands, NVIDIA returns with another controversy that directly affects the consumer.

NVIDIA downgrades the independent press to a marketing tool

NVIDIA has launched a new confidentiality agreement that commits everyone confidential information may only be used for the benefit of the company. It is also full of conditions that are contrary to the principles of journalism.

While nothing specifically specified, it is understood that all confidential information, including products that have not left the market, and that the hardware specialist press or any reviewer of NVIDIA products will tend to sign if they do not wish to be excluded from the flow of exclusive information.

The new NDA also includes one expiration of 5 years on confidential information and mentions that we should never talk about commercial secrets that break down the independent press into an exclusive marketing tool.

The company has been shared by the German media Heisen Onlinewho has refused to sign the document, which is contrary to its periodic principles.



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