Nubarron: The Adventures of a Desperate Gnome: The Solution to the Degradation of the Five Pillars

I discovered it so you do not have to do it!

How to solve the division of the five pillars

The solution

Without spoilers from the tram, you will in a moment reach this rompecabez: it contains five columns and Slimies jumpers. You must pull the handles in the right combination to complete this segment.

In keeping with the Nubarron book accessible via the pause menu, the symbols on the bars are numbers! They sound right: 1, 15, 2, 8 and 35. Without a doubt, the way Slimies jumps seems random and has nothing to do with the boss.

I intend to choose the levels from the lowest to the highest number, no. Inverse – no. I intend to fire the Slimies boss and pick them that way, nothing.

You can not find a logical solution and you need raw power to find the answer through trial and error. So I was shocked to send spam to the handles for five minutes until I got the answer.

They are the first two handles on the left and the last on the right.

Yes, I have no idea why that is the case.

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