Now available Aperture Desk Job, a Valve game set in the Portal universe

To commemorate the launch of Steam Deck, its portable console, Valve has released Aperture Desk Job, a free downloadable title that is embedded in the universe of the Portal saga.

This is not an official sequel, but a sort of tutorial of Steam Deck commands in game form. It can only be played using a command (not with keyboard and mouse) and functions as a kind of ambient short in the popular Valve universe.

“Until now, real life was mostly about being sedated, and video games were the world of virtual fantasy you could escape to. With the Steam Deck portable device, we’ve made it that and we’ve freed your body to run marathons and the plane is jumping while your brain and hands are racing all the time you’re going to pass out.”

On the other hand, the first days after the launch of Steam Deck give a lot to say. That same madrugada, Valve pointed out the drift suffered by some of the console’s early units, making sure there was a firmware issue and fixing it with an update. I also pointed out that I expect the emitters to work more fluently from here in the future, increasing the production speed of the device.

You can download Aperture Desk Job in this link. Although designed for Steam Deck, it can be played on PC.

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