Noticias GTA Online player discovers a new lucrative random event added in the last update August 19, 2022

Many jugadores de GTA Online are dedicated to striving to become the game’s richest business tycoon, someone with enough hidden cash to spend the rest of their days playing tennis.

Naturally, with each new update of the game, these money-hungry people are always looking for new ways to increase their passive income and fill their pockets with enough money to buy more superyachts.

Ahora, parece que estas personas peculiares han tenido suerte once again, ya que un gamer and Reddit cree que han contore una nueva novedosa form obtener los Benjamins.

Want a good embolism? Follow this flight!

The thread on this topic in the GTA Online subreddit began with a post by the player in question, user Federal_Comedian_212, who shared a photo of a plane shot into the sea, with the subtitle: “I saw a plane crash and found two briefcases (an it) (cada uno me dio $25k).Llevo 1300 horas en este juego, men nunca había visto algo así”.

Some of his GTA colleagues responded to suggest that this is because the plane crash in question is part of a new aleatoric event, with user _Abe_Froman_SKOC saying: «(It) literally just started today and SATX-Batman adds : “He agregó muchos eventos aleatorios desde la ultima update”.

El usuario Rawtoast420 asked the question on everyone’s mind: «¿Dónde encontraste estos aviones estrellados o strellándos?» What prompted Federal_Comedian_212 to reply that they found it near the RON Alternates wind farm on the east side of the map.

Meanwhile, el usuario bepi_s asked an equally important question: «¿Tiene una historia detrás?» lo que provoked a wave of speculation from the main plane crash investigators in the GTA community.

El usuario 14meowez88 began by suggesting that the planes that crashed could be players doing smuggling missions and somehow not completing their task properly, while AccomplishedDish1271 resorted to the ever-present threat , that they are affected as an explanation for their unfortunate death.

Por otro lado, el usuario IndianaGroans had a slightly more unique theory, saying: «maybe they flew to one of the towers in Blaine county like an (idiot) because they ate chile and used a controller with one hand and they tried Siguió volándolo, but se estrelló y murió porque el motor se incendió. Or something…”

Regardless of this scenario, when it comes to being specified, be sure to follow us for more updates from GTA Online and GTA 6 as new content is released.

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