Noticias El modder de Marvel’s Spider-Man gives Homer Simpson the opportunity to imitate his beloved spider pig 01 September 2022

Los modders en pc cambian constante al the protagonist of los juegos to know more about what is surreal and different.

Whether it’s Sonic or Morbius in Skyrim, Mario and Luigi in Elden Ring or Master Chief in Yakuza Zero, these mods are always fun, and now that Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered has arrived on the damn platform, it’s converted into a share. they let tend

First it was Kermit the Frog battling the streets of New York, and now it’s everyone’s favorite Simpson ride.

An animated carbon bar could produce the same mutation as a radioactive spider, right?

The mod that sends the bald guy from Springfield is naturally called ‘Homer Simpson’ and is the work of modder Sub2Rhys, whose previous work brought Niko Bellic from GTA IV to the game and also forced Spider-Man to advertise Pepsi.

Ahora, sin embargo, han decidido convertir el juego en una especie de sequela de Simpsons: Hit and Run al darle al patriarca de la familia de dibujos animados los poderes heroicos que siempre ha meriticido, permitiéndole andar por la ciudy salvando gendo.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring Bart as he does in the incredible Mod Simpsons God of War, and you’ll have to say goodbye to the advanced game because it replaces Homer’s model, but it’s still worth a try. against.

Sin embargo, se te consider en gamer demasiado empedernido para jugar como un personaje de un tv program, recently also se he lanção un montón de otras máscaradas en personajes de todo el medio y podria ser más de tu agrado.

The first of which is ‘Juega como Waluigi’ by aboy53, which replaces the same advanced outfit with Wario’s companion from the Mario universe, so you can shout ‘¡Wah!’ hacia la puesta de sol desde lo alto de un rascacielos.

The second is one for fans of Rockstar’s retro game featuring ‘Jimmy Hopkins’ from tiffsomniac, which allows you to recreate scenes from the infamous 2006 classic Bully, using networking to realize some sick jokes.

Then dust off your super suit, prepare for a surreal swing, and be sure to follow us for more updates on the wacky worlds of Fallout and Skyrim modding.

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