Noticias El jugador de Warzone descubre un nuevo exploit en Peak 06 Sep 2022

Time 5 in Warzone Pacific has not been the greatest. Raven Software updates Battle Royale regularly to fix numerous bugs and errors that persist in Caldera.

The current season of content after the launch is the last before the launch of Warzone 2, which will act as a new beginning for the game, with the hope that less problems will arise in the course of a game.

In this case, a player has managed to climb inside the point of interest (POI) of the Peak, which allows him to see the surrounding area while the surrounding rocky formations keep any opposition hidden.

Los jugadores de Warzone pueden escalar dentro de las rocas

The discovery comes from the user of Reddit «Mohawk200x», whose game ended antes de tiempo después de attemptar buscar cualquier amenaza cercana dentro de Peak. balas desde más allá de una pared.

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Sin forma de lograr defeasar al opponent, terminan eliminados del juego, culpando al «nuevo exploit».

It is not clear that it is an opponent logged into a card, especially with Raven Software, which has an update in relation to the vulnerabilidades of the card with an update.

Otros jugadores seem to be more concerned about the wide range of vision that is shown in the video, and one jokes that it is configured on a «4300» with ease.

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En medida que la atención se dirige hacia el commencio de la Temporada 5 Reloaded, hay muchas posibilities de que se solucione el error que permite a los jugadores escalar dentro de las paredes de Peak. minimum coverage.

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