Noticias El jugador de Skyrim captura un broment saludable entre los guardias August 25, 2022

Life in Skyrim can generally be quite pleasant, especially if you’re on duty in the middle of a day when there aren’t any adventurers causing trouble.

Fortunately, these troublesome protagonists spend a lot of time in the wild, getting to know their enemy Shadows of Mordor-style, beating friendly versions of the bloodthirsty Fallout with warhammers and trying to master their revised swordsmanship.

This allows for some interesting and intimate moments between the guardians with much more to do: one of them has been captured by an astute player on Reddit.

¿Cómo crees que suena la pequeña chatra de los guardias de Skyrim?

The thread about this rare event in the Skyrim subreddit started with a post user SirBeanie08, who shared a photo of two guards enjoying a picturesque view together, with the caption: «Encontré a estos dos guardias de Markarth share a moment together».

A group of fellow players lined up to guess what the pair might be whispering between them, and user milbro0813 suggested the conversation went something like this:

(Libra 1:) «¿Crees que hay más en esta vida que hacer cumplir las leyes, perseguir aventureros y tener que averiguar quién robó un dulce?»
(Libra 2:) “Har estado golpeando skooma, ¿no es así?”

El usuario gorillacanon also took the philosophical route, suggesting that the guards might ask themselves what their purpose in life is besides protecting things. Logrado-fig91, por otro lado, thought the conversation could be about God or, as it is in the Elder Scrolls universe, Dioses in the plural.

En otra parte, el usuario DeadByOtzStans dio a entender que su pequeña charla podria ser un poco más intima, con cumplidos lorosos y miradas timidas ocasionales intercambiadas entre hermanos.

Some users decided to invent a name for this phenomenon, prompting Tacitus_Kilgore85 to declare: “[it’s a] Brorizon. Cuando dos hermanos comparten el horizonte”, while Comprehensive_Cap290 called the meeting: “Brokeback Markarth”.

If it’s an ability when you’re sure to be protected, the ‘Sexier Vanilla – Guards (Plus Sexier Requiem – Guards)’ text by StinkyAegis might be worth adding to your list of mods.

Meanwhile, some of the reunited players were unable to fight the impulses they had cultivated over the years of playing Skyrim, and declared their desire to push the guards to the limit using the implacable cry of power.

Independiente de si aruinarías el momento special de un guardia como unsensible patán, be sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 y el acado mundo de las modificaciones af Skyrim.

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