Noticias Bioshock Netflix film recruits the director of Hunger Games and the writer of Bladerunner 2049 August 26, 2022

If you want to adapt videojuegos to TV and historical film, you can find mixed reacciones de los jugadores and it is a story that debiere traducirse bien a la pantalla grande, probably Bioshock.

With an iconic and unique setting in the form of the submarine city of Rapture and a universe full of interesting lore, it’s no wonder that Netflix is ​​interested in converting the huge success of the 2K game into a movie.

Now that film officially has both a director and a screenwriter, with a couple of titular names from Hollywood officially uniting to take the plunge to the depths of the ocean.

Do you remember Bioshock? ¡Está de vuelta! in film form

As announced through a news publication on the Netflix website and social networks, directing duties for the en vivo action feature will also fall to Francis Lawrence, who you may know as the director of three different films in the Hunger Games series. like Will Smith’s El clásico Soy Leyenda.

Meanwhile, the main screenwriting duties will be in charge of an equally prestigious name, Michael Green, whose established credits include 2017’s Bladerunner 2049, 2011’s Logan and Green Lantern.

In its news release, Netflix also analyzes some of the aspects of Bioshock that attracted the company to make a film based on it, saying: “The original BioShock is more than an excellent first-person shooter game. It is also a deceptively compelling story of morality, told in the depths of the ocean in a sinister underwater city called Rapture’.

Citando que los juegos de la serie han vendido «39 milliones de copias combinadas en todo el mundo», Netflix claims that Lawrence will pay well because of his experience working in dystopian stories.

While the Bioshock movie still has no official release date, the publication suggests that Lawrence is currently filming The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which means he will have to finish before he can begin to work on Rapture.

No matter how excited you are to see Andrew Ryan on the big screen, be sure to follow us for more coverage of games like Bioshock and Fallout.

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