No Man’s Sky – Update 1.3 Atlas Rises adds multiplayer

You can play multiplayer in No Man’s Sky in a way

Hello game lanza today the update of the anniversary Atlas rises for his polemic No Man’s Sky que adega nueva history, joint exploration, commercial improvements, system economics and some other things.

This basic multiplayer works with up to 16 players who can communicate by voice, although interaction is still very limited. Hello Games says this is the first step towards that No Man’s Sky completely cooperative.

No Man’s Sky’s big lie that it was sold at 60€ at launch, as it is a title that should be in Early Access at 20€ like a lot, try to redeem it with this update and the next ones

See more destacado del parche

  • 30 hours of branching stories and a deeper background.
  • Randomly generated clan missions.
  • Intercambio interestelar much more profound.
  • Los system estelares tienen richesas, conflicts and economic variables.
  • Battle controls, weaponry and IA redesigned.
  • Portales espaciales que permiten viajes rápidos.
  • Terrain manipulation for more complex bases.
  • Nuevas interacciones de minería y agricultura for aportar mayor profundidad.
  • Variety of biomass increased and rare exotic biomass.
  • Visor of analysis and descubrimentos mejorados.
  • Mejoras varias a la interfasa y al mapa de la Galaxia.
  • New design of class S ships.
  • Low altitude flight and the ability to star on the ship.
  • Cargueros estrellados must recover.
  • joint exploration

Tenéis las notas del parche al completo y more information sobre Atlas Rises en la oficial web.

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