Nintendo to introduce “new hardware” next year instead of new Nintendo Switch! ?

Nintendo will release new hardware in 2023, or the company’s raw material costs in 2022 will more than double in 2019

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・From the materials posted by Nintendo on the 82nd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders,In fiscal 2022, it turned out that the inventory assets of “raw materials and supplies” amounted to 66,517 million yen

This is the largest spending in recent years, and more than doubled compared to 2019, when the Nintendo Switch Lite and Marioko-based Nintendo Switch were introduced.Became

The fact that Nintendo is buying this much raw material this year means there is a possibility that new hardware will be released in 2023.There is alsoIt is true that raw material costs are soaring due to inflation, but it seems that the reason is not limited to that alone.

Raw materials and supplies

FY2010 66.517 billion yen

FY2021 9.533 billion yen
2020 12.448 billion yen
FY2019 32.432 billion yen
FY2018 10.336 billion yen

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Even though it’s June, Nintendo didn’t announce a first-party title, so maybe they’re preparing something

Ask for Switch Pro!

I’ll laugh when the Switch successor comes out next year

As expected, we won’t release a successor machine until demand subsides.

Game Boy Classic release decision! !

Just because raw material costs have gone up doesn’t mean new products will come out~

↑ That’s true, but compared to 2021, it’s gone up too much, so I’m sure there’s something going on.

It will be my 6th year next year~ It’s time to come again
disrespectful husband cosplay bowser ahegao

The switch is still selling well, and there is no new hardware.I don’t know
Yaruo Hana-Hojiri

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