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I’ve been looking forward to Nintendo Switch Sports for a while. Wii Sports Resort was a long time ago, and at least echoed the glory days of my sports career, where I could sparkle through the living room, beat my friends with the Wii remotes, and try to play with them without having to wake them up. helpless and powerless

Ever since the Switch came along, the lack of a Wii Sports equivalent has been notorious. Suddenly the wait is over. I have already shared my enthusiasm for Nintendo Switch Sports in my preview, and confirmed its potential to share living rooms, participate in a wide range of competition with families, and broken relationships of it.

Now that I’ve had more time with him, Nintendo Switch Sports has consolidated itself as what it broadcasts on TV when I’re with a few people and we’re facing a low betting competition. Without restrictions, it does not mean that there are no errors. It is important to keep in mind that the reviewers have so far not been able to play online, so this is just a review of the experience outside the line / room. I will make sure to update it if the online game is something that stands out and I really hope it is.

The selection

As mentioned in my previous preview, Switch Sports has a fat selection of sports to start with. Golf will come sometime in the future, but for now we have six to play: volleyball, badminton, bowling, football, chambara and tennis. After having had more time to play each of the sports, there are definitely some who will return much more than others.

The bolos remain a classic, and the ‘special’ condition offers an extra distraction with obstacles and climbs along the course. Without restraint, it still feels a little awkward. The game is much simpler than the Wii Sports versions we are used to: there is already no possibility of sending the ball at another time to get another course. Before, you could send the ball miles in the air or roll well through the ground, but now the most important things about what you have control over are limited to the turn you give the ball and the initial route that goes down. I would also like to have the opportunity to jump into a game with 100 pins and run them down as domain keys. Unfortunately, some things can not be.

This is a theme with some sports: I think it could include a little more depth in the game, and there is not a large amount of them once you dominate the few basic maneuvers. Volleyball is a very simple synchronization distraction, while tennis feels extraordinarily insensitive, gathering the days when the controller moves when the ball hits you. Of course, there are some matches that can be seen here, but some sports simply do not have enough about them. Since there are currently only six to choose from, each of those that remain short is a big hit.

Of course, there are striking and major aspects. Once you get used to the chambara and the ability to return to center your sword when the control is out (this happens at close frequency, but that’s the problem when there is no sensor rod to target), it is a classic delicacy play with friends and play. in honor of the top of a giant podium in a pool in a library.

Without a doubt, the most prominent aspects were badminton and football. Badminton is the game tennis would be in Switch Sports. You can shoot your shots to force your opponent to run around the bank with the aim of forcing them into an awkward position and causing you to fire an easy shot to repeat. Each party is better than five, and it comes back very intensely when you and an opponent are emotionally charged and face each other face to face.

Football is a Rocket League style game, albeit considerably simplified. The ball is big and requires you to move the joy-con properly to hit the ball. You can run around the court, jump and shoot the ball in any direction, including high and low shots, depending on its movement. It’s easy and reliable to handle, but a 4v4 scenario requires a bit of strategic thinking and precise focus. Are you left in the area waiting to rob the glory of your comrades and jump to the end of a cross? Quizas. Do you play a box-to-box role, harassing your opponents while controlling your opposition at the same time? Difficult, but always. Or are you a true team player who stands back and defends the conflicting conflicts? Certainly not, but in advance you will be hungry. You can also pull the wheel out when you are older. A good touch.

There is a lot to see and I was pleasantly surprised by the way. You need two joys with each, but if you have them, football is a pleasure. With a cross for the stone, there is even a penalty kick marking mode, which requires you to hit your right foot at the right moment to score a goal. It’s a nicho novelty, but fun in small doses.

The experience was out of line

Given that this review alone could focus on the off-line experience, it’s worth exploring in more depth what you are doing if you are not playing online. Unfortunately, it is not much.

In previous Wii Sports titles, you could classify your Mii offline, and the game will adjust your opponent according to your skill level. When you finally met Matt in boxing, you knew you had worked for him. That’s why it’s an icon for fans of the series: it scared us all with its raging volleyball fists (even though it hit us when he took a tennis racket).

Here there are three levels of difficulty and no real ability to progress, apart from the higher points in the balls and coming in a more consistent way to the CPU characters at a higher level. You can also unlock new cosmetic options without playing online, which means I can not dress my character with the latest equipment in the box or add the most ridiculous colors.

There will be rating systems and things by style when you play online, along with the ability to unlock great equipment and customize your personality, but the experience out of the queue is already very much left to be desired. Sometimes a more satisfying experience is added for a solo player in the future, but for now you will have the best experience out of line with some friends in the living room and an actual tournament frame at home tucked away in a paper box with the winner receiving a pint of each of the losers.

The future

The magic of Wii Sports is not here yet, but I’m definitely excited about the future of Switch Sports. It was one that I kept unloaded, ready so the defeated enemies would take a trick and deter me from playing chambara or badminton. There is not very long life in the experience of not playing online, but fans will be eager to climb the online rankings.

We know golf will be added to the Nintendo Switch Sports, but hopefully this will not be the last new incorporation we will receive. Once upon a time, we were able to learn more about Spocco Square, the place similar to Wuhu Island, where all sporting events take place, with an airline game like Wii Sports Resort. Once upon a time we were able to calm things down and fish on the shores of the town of Spocco Square, or go to the boulder gym to practice climbing.

Including with existing games, there seems to be potential for more. More distractions, more modes, more ways to play the games so they don’t come back the same way. Bowls with 100 balls, a sword fighting mode for a single player, often includes a way to integrate the penalty mark mode with a cross for the stone in a more active football situation. The world is at the foot of Nintendo Switch Sports and the shells are here for the perfect party game.

Veredicto – 7/10

Not surprisingly, Nintendo Switch Sports so far is not the perfect party game. No restrictions, it’s very good, and when the games are over, it’s a really nice place to have others around. Without limits, without enough modes for a player to bet on, you will be completely dependent on getting a large group of friends and getting into the game or trying your luck online.

Sometimes in the future we see Nintendo Switch Sports reach its potential, but from what I’ve been playing, it’s still a bit slow.

The success of the Nintendo Switch Sports game Nintendo Switch Sports is an admirable intention to fill the void left by the Wii Sports series, but the lack of out-of-line progress and the small selection of sports means it does not reach these heights. nintendo switch

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