Nintendo Switch Sports announced for April

Nintendo has announced Nintendo Switch Sports, a sequel to the ultra-popular Wii Sports Nintendo Switch.

The new game will be announced on April 29 and will feature three sports from the original (tennis, bowling, and chambara) as well as three new ones (soccer, badminton, and volleyball). There will, in addition, be a semi-sport, golf, although this will be added post-launch in the fall via a free update.

Just like in Wii Sports, motion-sensing Joy-Cons will be used to participate in gestures for different sports, and in an update to be released this summer, there will be the ability to use a cinta on the pier for the soccer minibus. Oh, and a news that will please some but disappoint others: in Nintendo Switch Sports, the Miis will not return, opting for new avatars of greater visual complexity.

Although, as we said, the launch is scheduled for the end of April, Nintendo should carry out an online test between February 18 and 20, since this new sports party game has local and online multiplayer modes. online, as well as with friends. unknown. In this open beta, all users who have an active subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service will be able to participate.

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