Nintendo Switch Pachimon portable game machine that can be bought for 1500 yen is a hot topic www Click here for the specifications of the analog stick www

Portable game machine “GAME Ark S2” with 108 built-in games arrived, 3 colors – AKIBA PC Hotline!

Nintendo Switch prize product GAMEArkS2 Design-related image-02

Chappie’s portable game machine “GAME Ark S2” with 108 built-in games is now on sale at Akibao-2nd store. The store price is 1,500 yen.

This is a portable game machine that runs on 3 x AAA batteries.The design somehow reminds me of Nintendo Switch, but there is no gimmick that makes the left and right controller parts come off.

Also, under the four-way controller and four A / B buttons,There is a round part like an analog stick, but this is just a design and does not move(Described in the manual).

There are three types for each color of the controller part. If you are tired of smartphone games, how about one?

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Nintendo Switch prize product GAMEArkS2 Design-related image-03
Let’s go out with the game GAME Ark S2 Portable game machine All 108 built-in games Dry battery Approx. 15 x 2.5 x 7.5 cm (cyan & red)

Release date:
Manufacturer: Character
Category: Toys
Sales Rank: 14419
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The latest Chinese game machine has arrived!

I think it’s probably a prize, but even though it’s cheap, it’s amazing that it has analog sticks on the left and right!When I thought that, it was written in the manual that it would not work.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a game machine like this w
The analog stick is a decoration and does not move again ww
However, 1500 yen is too cheap w

Also, with this, Zakoshi will be able to deliver a review of the built-in game

If you buy it from Amazon, it’s double the price.

I’m totally going to go to the appearance switch and it’s awesome www
And the analog stick is too wasteful for decoration www
Yaruo PC Boo!

Well, I know this is a joke item, but there are a lot of serious fakes out there…
They’re mostly made in the same country ()
Husband who doesn't do cigarettes

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