Nintendo Switch Online adds a new avatar and rewards system

Nintendo Switch Online has been updated to add a new missions and rewards section. Subscribers to the Nintendo program will be able to complete weekly missions to earn Platinum Points and channel them through new avatars for their profile as Iran spins through time.

For now, the March avatars (available until April 5) are centered around Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario Odyssey. In theory, Iran changes every month. In fact, it’s confirmed that every month there will be Animal Crossing avatars, allowing us to purchase the old ones that filled years into my present. This month, therefore, the avatars of Aldeanos who end their years in March are available.

The option to only use these avatars is available to Nintendo Switch Online users, and new avatars can only be assigned through the subscription service app.

On the other hand, users can use the Platinum Points they already have to follow avatars inside the store. In addition, on the Nintendo website there is, as always, a list of missions that can be done offline in the various games to obtain them. For now, new missions include playing online games, updating cloud storage, or playing real Nintendo Switch Online games.

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