Nintendo reached a $ 12 million deal with LoveROMs and LoveRETRO

In July this year, let’s see Nintendo was fleeing to known sites to download ROMs from console emulators LoveROMS y Love RETRO. Websites have been fined millions of dollars for copyright infringement.

Prior to millions of dollars in potential damage, the site’s operator, Jacob Mathias, quickly disconnected the platforms. The legal action also led to the closure of several other ROM sites, which meant they could become the next ones.


It soon became clear that Mathias and his wife, who later sued, did not expect a long court battle. Instead, negotiations were held to reach an agreement with Nintendo, hoping to resolve the matter without incurring too much blood.

Today we can know that both parties have reached an agreement. They agreed on a declaration of consent and a permanent court order that will resolve all pending disputes.

According to TorrentFreak, Mathias and his wife admit that their participation in the websites constitutes a direct and indirect violation of the rights of the author and the registered trademark, which caused irreparable damage to Nintendo.

Without restrictions, on paper, marriage will not go wrong. He has accepted a sentence of more than $ 12 million in damages.

“At present, the plaintiff is receiving a strike against all plaintiffs, jointly and severally, in the amount of $ 12,230,000,” the agreement states.

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It is certainly quite probable that the couple would have had that amount, or that a jury would have reached a similar number, to which we will ask the following questions; Why is that amount so high?

Some thinkers speculate that Nintendo has traded a very high number, on paper, to hide other piracy sites. In practice, the defendant may end up paying much less.

In addition to the monetary agreement, both parties also entered into a permanent court order. This will prevent the couple from infringing on Nintendo’s copyright in the future.

They must also supply all the Nintendo games and emulators you have at your own expense. In addition, the permanent court order requires that it download from and to the Japanese company.

All legal papers still need to be signed by a judge, but given that both parties agree on everything, it should be a bit of a formality.

As always, TorrentFreak has all the documentation available as a news source, which can be viewed here and here.

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