Nintendo is rumored to be on the Wii and Nintendo DSi stores, which lasts for a week

Nintendo has finally made statements that the Wii and Nintendo DSi Stores have ceased to be active, for no apparent reason, and have remained so for the past week.

The stores will stop operating after March 16 without notice, and many users feared it would suffer a permanent shutdown that Nintendo put in place without notice. The Wii Store departed allowing people to purchase new products in 2019, and the DSi Store did the same in 2017; but, at least for a while, players can download previously purchased content.

Now, Nintendo has publicly acknowledged the situation related to these stores. As a company representative explained and Kotaku“The Wii Store Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop are currently easy to maintain. We will give you more data in the near future.”

The message does not indicate whether the stores will return to operation in the near future, or when exactly.

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