Nintendo is buying land next to its seat in Japan, as if to study Fortune Street

With the purchase of adjacent land at the Kyoto headquarters for five thousand yen, Nintendo has paved the way for its goal of building a new development center by 2027.

Announced via the company’s company website, the purchase will be that the plot of about 10 thousand square meters is invited to the construction of a 12-storey building, tentatively called the Corporate Head Development Center, Building No. 2. An inspiring name, such as the Nintendo folks I listened to a lot on Blur.

Nintendo believes that this project “will play an important role in (sic) reforming its I + D”, based on a number of other recent acquisitions and research by the editor.

Nintendo buys land next to the seat in Japan

The acquisition of the site, which previously housed a support factory and a disaster prevention center, is not the only country Nintendo has recently purchased, and a Nikkei report from December 2021 revealed two office expansions that the company will perform in May. 2022 according to VGC.

These expansions, in which Nintendo employees move to a rented space on floors 6 and 7 of the new government building in the Kyoto City Water Supply Office, will sell up to 160 million yen ($ 1.27 million / £ 979,000) in grants as part of Kyoto city. Corporate placement promotion system, according to the number of new employees who contract with Nintendo.

All of this work is a reflection of a company benefiting from a period of greater profitability thanks to the success of the Nintendo Switch, as revealed during a management briefing in November 2021, when Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa announced plans to invest additional money in expand much of the company’s internal game development capacity and its entertainment software activity card that its games do not have.

These funds are used exclusively on real estate, as Nintendo also formally acquired SRD Co. Ltd., formerly one of its independent development partners for some time, in February.

With all these expansions, Nintendo seems to be doing a good job of securing its future in an industry that has experienced major acquisitions from Microsoft as well as Sony since the beginning of the year.

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