Nintendo Direct postponed due to death of Queen Elizabeth

Rumor: Nintendo Direct postponed due to Queen Elizabeth’s obituary

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Rumors have swirled that the Nintendo Direct has been postponed due to Queen Elizabeth’s death. This information was tweeted by a foreign reporter, Jeff Grubb, and seems to have been told on Twitch distribution of the overseas site GiantBomb.

Dan Ryckert described the causal relationship between the death and the postponement of Nintendo.

In addition, Mike Minotti of the overseas site GamesBeat also tweeted, “No one may believe it, but Nintendo may have been postponed due to the Queen.”

Strictly speaking, it can’t be called a “postponement” because Nintendo hasn’t announced the holding of the Nintendo Direct. However, fans who have been waiting for the latest information from Nintendo may have to wait a little longer.

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I wonder if Nintendo cares

queen oh oh

Hmm, is that true?just a wish or expectation

i doubt it.Because Nintendo can never deny this, so whatever the leaker wants to say

Manufacturers of each company:
“Corona is the reason why we can’t announce software”
“cause of war”
“Because of inflation”
“Queen’s Fault”←New!

It’s a shock, but it’s great that you care so much.

Well, anyway, there’s no problem with that kind of bullet lol
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