Nintendo adds the option to arrange games on mats in its latest update

Nintendo has released update 14.0.0 for its hybrid consoles, which you can now download for free. Among the new features is one of the most requested features by users since launch: the ability to organize games on mats.

Now we can organize the games into groups, being able to create a maximum of 100 groups with 200 games each. Additionally, games may be included in more than one group. The negative part comes from the location of the groups on the main page: they do not appear directly in the main menu of the console but you have to access them via the “all games” page.

The update also includes improvements to the use of Bluetooth headsets with the console. The maximum volume that can be used on these devices has been increased and an option has been added where we can increase the volume of computers – not just the Nintendo Switch itself – from inside the console.


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