Ninja tests the new Fortnite LMG «Gnarly»

Streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has reviewed Fortnite’s new LMG, which is not protected in revision V20.20, and thinks it’s fine.

Ninja, famous for playing games like Fortnite, Halo and Apex Legends, began a four-hour broadcast on April 26, signaling its intent to prove whether the new weapon was a ‘meta’ act to use during an all-time session. favorite real fighting games.

Basically, using the LMG as part of a load that also included a long-range assault rifle and a pickaxe, the transmitter temporarily switched to using the LMG solely to get an idea.

Ninja tests the new Fortnite LMG

If you want to see the weapon in action, check out this clip that Ninja posted on Twitter that apparently resumes his thoughts on the weapon:

So what is the verdict? Well, it’s apparently good enough that the LMG has some fortifications, but it’s comparable to weapons like the rifle in other areas.

In principle, the transmitter was surprised by the differences in damage and precision between the new LMG and the previous iteration of the weapon in Fortnite, saying that “it has been completely redesigned”.

After using it to kill another player at close range, Ninja eloquently described how the weapon sounded, describing it as “retorting,” before equating his post-mortem precision, saying, “My God, it does not look like anything. for us. .” hecho “. jamas visto».

Then the transmitter started evaluating how to use the weapon as part of its equipment and said, “Certainly not an SMG, I will use it as an AR”.

He also concluded that for long-range assassins, the ‘AUG’ rifle would still be a better option, saying “well, then AUG will continue to beat the king” before adding that LMG could have been better at confrontations of median alcance . .

You can have in your hands the new LMG in the game looking at the floor or through normal and rare chairs, as well as supplies of supplies and tires.

Be sure to follow up to get more updates on Fortnite in addition to covering popular transmitters like Ninja.

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