Nijisanji listeners go mad on the collaboration between FGO and Usada Pekora, saying, “Nijisanji is the right person!”

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“FGO” collaborates with Hololive Vtuber “Usada Pekora”! FGO’s first exterior collaboration! → To the professionals and cons, “I’m begging you, don’t do anything that destroys the world view.”

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an excessive amount of remorse

If you want V however simply don’t need him to seem in FGO, it is a pure impression.
It’s harmful to stand out from holo

Here’s what followers say

What is Hololive?
No hassle!
How fashionable is it!

Holo’s troublesome fanger

The recognition of the followers is like this, so I did not make a deal. Please perceive that.

What are these guys going to do with Nijisanji’s dangerous fame?

FGO has a number of feminine gamers so I believed this might positively occur

Usual Yan


The second believer is annoyed and grass

who’s bell
too fashionable

On the opposite hand, the one one that mentions it’s man V, grass

Why do you suppose Niji’s base and Pekora are in stability lol
If you are going to struggle Pekora, not less than get Salome out w

The historical past of enjoying that recreation is irrelevant to the case.
It’s all about topicality and numbers

There’s no level in letting an unpopular man promote

The official stepped on “This man is the simplest in promoting”, so it is not
No matter how a lot I like you want a cripple, I will not depend on somebody who has no affect

If Nijisanji comes up with the thought of ​​collaborating and says, “No, let’s do it with this person, not that guy,” I do not perceive.
In the primary place, I do not perceive what you imply as a result of this particular person is doing it regardless that he did not discuss to you guys
Besides, who precisely is Mr. Bell?

Even although he has an extended FGO profession than Pekora, he wasn’t chosen for a collaboration.

If you have a look at the present state of affairs the place it is turning into a competition of Sabataro’s emotions, you would be higher off collaborating.

↑Rainbow Pork Kussa w Loser Pig w

Let’s do one thing related
get alongside effectively

↑ For some purpose, these guys are pushing the image of Kaniji and calling Holo a foolish pig.

Holofan and Niji V are additionally praised, however many Niji followers do not approve of something aside from Niji V.

Niji Holo is not hostile, so why are the followers at conflict?

Even although we each like V
Wai is barely eager about holo, however that is why I will not hit him

In the Nijisanji e book thread, a considerable amount of hologa hologa springs up
There’s nearly no Nijisanji story on this Hololive thread.

Niji listeners are all loopy girls who appear to be concurrently serving as tsuifemi

Is this a monster?

A field with solely a poor V is dangerous

It appears that there’s a field in that field that’s about to lose the highest variety of co-joints monthly and is about to lose the utmost variety of co-joints in V and there might be nothing left.

↑I’m right here
Nijisanji wins

Get alongside together with your pigs, you are disgusting

You’re simply an envoy, why do you suppose you are within the recreation?

Well, somebody left it alone
Do not thoughts

I’ve by no means behaved like a kind moon system, however I’m exhibiting the worst side with the dangerous manners of V pigs concerned.

In the primary place, the otaku neighborhood by no means behaved effectively.

The most fascinating factor is that the world view is alleged in a recreation the place historic greats are became girls and wearing swimsuits.

↑ I do not know if the V pig is paralyzed
I do not perceive why Sabataro is able to be ridiculed for having a pocket book.

I can ignore this sort of criticism.
I assume it is a judgment that Pekora’s identify recognition has elevated.
Hololive Usada Pekora FGO Collaboration Nijisanji related images-10

Nijisanji listeners are extremely aggressive
I do not see it the opposite means round…
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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