NieR Replicant: how to end the jabalí hunt early

How to kill Jabalí Giant easily and early.

Jabalies hunting

The search for the jabalí hunt is an early search that has always been difficult for new players who have been so unlucky to try it as one of their first missions.

An aldean asks you to fight a giant jabalí that causes problems, your body approaches and returns immediately while you are at level 5 and you are facing a giant enemy with a higher level tank that will hit you with a single blow. to turn around a little later.

There’s no doubt an easy way to kill it early, which is.

Step 1

He reached for this stone and then jumped first, using the smaller stone as a jumper.

Step 2

Sit on the jabalí and keep pressing the button to get rid of Wiess projects. Now get comfortable and hope, maybe there is a trick or something.

Step 3

Benefit, jabalí will eventually die without being able to survive.

Now you can complete the mission and enjoy the wonders of Boar Drifting.

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