NieR Replicant – Guide to all ends

Having all the finals seems a little strange to the new players. Nier Replicant has a unique ending system that allows you to get more context and scenes as often as possible. This is sometimes not as simple as it seems.

How to get all the finals

ends one

This is the easiest. You just have to win the game. The credits will accumulate and you will get the odds for Route A. From now on, every time you start a new final route, you start in Act 2 of the game.

Termination B

Simple too. Simply win the game after loading the guard to win the game once. This file will have an A logo on the saved screen so it is different from any other saved.

This new route brings a lot of context that was lost on the scenes. Play the game again until the credits to see an extra scene.

C finale

Here’s how little complicated comes into play. Return to reload your saved file after deleting the last B (there will be an A and a B in the save icon). This time, as the game says, you must collect 33 weapons to unlock this new finale. Be sure to collect all the weapons of the missions and mazmorras, as well as the Dada. Consider that this also means weapons in the 1st act of the story. If you do not understand, there are many that can still be purchased in Act 2, but not all. If you read this in advance, take the time to get the full act 1 before proceeding.

This route provides a little more added context and new scenes, but only for some scenes.

Create two rescues before the final boss. Elijah kills when the opportunity arises. This will end the game with the last C.

D finale

Returns to load his second guard before the last boss. Make the movements, and when the same option for the last C is presented, Elija presses them. This will give you a new finale and will remove all your guards. Do not worry.

And finally

Once your saved file has been deleted, your session home screen will appear with another icon, which means you can now “enable” the new end. Create a new game file with a new name (not the same as you used in your games) for your character. Play the game until you get to the point where you fight the giant monster in Aery for the second time, where Kaine would normally unite with your group. This is where things develop differently and you get a new finale.

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