NieR Replicant: FPS blocking and automatic mouse shadow (repair of Dualshock controllers)

If there are many ways to use Nvidia’s control panel to block FPS to 60, there is a better method of using SpecialK.

Block FPS + Automatically close the mouse wizard

If there are many ways to use Nvidia’s control panel to block FPS to 60, I’d rather use SpecialK; a fast mod that corrects FPS, hide the mouse and the Dualshock controllers.

So here is a guide.

1) Download the latest version of SpecialK from here:

2) Go to your Nier Replicant installation directory:

  • steamsteamappscommonNieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139

3) Extract the following files and folders in the Replicant directory: Servlet, PlugIns, SKIF.exe and finally SpecialK64.dll

Please Note: Do not unpack SpecialK32.dll

4) Change the name of SpecialK64.dll to dxgi.dll

Your replica rug should look like this after the previous steps:

5) Start the game (Neir Replicant).

6) If all is done successfully, you will receive a counter-notification displayed at launch. It’s hard to go high.

7) It’s time to block fps! Press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace to open the control panel while the game is open. You can be in the main menu, in the game, it does not matter.

8) Now click on Frame Limit, check the box that says Limit Frames, double click on the frame on the right to enter a value; enter 60. This is how everything should be done. When it says “(Limit Engaged)” about 60; we are done! FPS is now blocked at 60! No additional steps are required for Playstation controllers to work, SpecialK does it all right away!

Bono: Ocultar Ratón

Now that SpeicalK is installed, take a few seconds to enable automatic mouse selection.

1) Open the SpecialK configuration via Ctrl + Shift + Backspace. If it is already open, continue with step 2.

2) Click / expand Login Management, then “Mouse Cursor” and finally select “Stop when not moving”

If everything works, the configuration should be shown as the image in the following:

That’s all, enjoy it!

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