Nier Automata anime confirmed

The Nier Automata anime has been officially confirmed.

After several months of rumors and speculation, today the trailer has been released as the project’s website and social media accounts have been activated.

The trailer’s description, which can be seen below, explains that “the storyline is of a bright future in which humanity has been devastated by a force abstraction of ‘mechanical lifeforms’ abducted by aliens. . ‘2B’ belongs to the aliens”. new unit of androids ‘Yorha’ will launch an iron battle to take control of the Earth”.

The anime’s Twitter account (@NieR_A_ANIME) shared a hand drawing of the upcoming series:

And, finally, it also opened the official websitewhich barely says “The Nier Automata TV animation project has begun”.

We still don’t have an opening date for the Nier Automata anime, but we’ll be watching for future news regarding this long-awaited project.


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